Ad Size & Paper

• 5” X 7”
• 40 lb. Coated Glossy Stock

Shipping Requirements

• All printed material must be boxed, with the boxes weighing less than 35 pounds. Coded material must include a sample of the piece and have code marked clearly on two sides of each box.

• Inserts can be paper or string banded within the box, however cardboard separators in the box are recommended to help secure the material during shipping.

• Boxes must be stacked, interlocking , to a maximum height of five (5) feet.

• Boxes must be secured to the pallets.

• If there are separate versions or codes for the inserts, each version or code must be on a separate pallet.

• Inserts must arrive a minimum of 15 days prior to the insertion date.

Artwork Requirements

Artwork can be accepted electronically. Please contact your representative for more information.

Supplied Insert Requirements

All supplied product samples must be machine insertable and samples must submitted prior to actual production.